Rental property Horsens

If you would like a rental property, student accommodation to rent, room to rent, house to rent or apartment to rent in Denmark's 8th largest city, Horsens is the place to move to. With a home for rent in Horsens, you will find yourself in a wonderful mix of culture and nature. There are experiences here for people of all ages, and here there are a lot of exciting opportunities for everything the heart desires.

With a rental property, student accommodation for rent, room for rent, house for rent or apartment for rent in Horsens, you will have a wonderful location in the middle of Denmark and close to everything. With the E45 motorway just around the corner and good bus and train connections, you will quickly be able to be in Skanderborg, Billund, Vejle, Silkeborg and Aarhus. So whether you want to find a rental property, student accommodation to rent, room to rent, house to rent or apartment to rent in Horsens, you will be close to everything. The towns of BrÌdstrup, Hovedgürd, Egebjerg, Østbirk, Gedved, Lunde, Hatting, Søvind and Nim are also located in Horsens Municipality.

St. Helene Torvet

One place you can consider looking for a home to rent is in the new building Skt. Helene Torvet.

Here you can get a rental property centrally located on a former Kvickly site. You will become part of a completely new district where, according to the plan, there will be approx. 8,000 square meters of shops and approximately 1,400 square meters of business premises on the ground floor, as well as a bakery, restaurant and shopping opportunities on the first floor. In the remaining floors of the building, 260 general family homes will be built, which will have 2-5 rooms, and in addition, 99 youth homes will be built for rent. With a home for rent here, you will also have access to the building's common areas, which will be arranged on the roof. All of this will be located in sub-areas 1 and 2. In the third and last sub-area, which will be situated down towards Bygholm Å, the plan is to build approx. 12,500 square meters of private housing. In addition, it is also planned that a care home will be built here. Finally, there will be an underground car park.

With a home for rent on Skt. At Helene Torvet, you will therefore have most of what you need close by. With public housing, youth housing and a nursing home, the district will be a collection of all generations.

Lilli Gyldenkilde's Square

You can also consider finding a home to rent in the brand new district of Lilli Gyldenkildes Torv. 248 family homes and 101 youth homes will be built here. The family homes will be in 2 rooms, 3 rooms and 4 rooms. Over the coming years, the entire area will be developed into a completely new district with shops, restaurants, housing and green areas around Bygholm Å. So whether you are a family in need of a home to rent in beautiful surroundings in Horsens, or a student looking for youth housing to rent in Horsens, Lille Gyldenkildes Torv is worth a look.

Rantzau hill

Another place you can look for a place to rent in Horsens is on the attractive land down towards Bygholm Sø, where approx. 400 rental properties lie. The area will be divided into three quarters with long houses, point houses and square houses - all gathered around a common house as the heart of the area. The common house aims to bring the generations together. With a rental property in Rantzausbakke, you will thus be able to use the communal house to, for example, meet the neighbors for coffee, have a cozy meal together, grab a game of pÊtanque on the specially designed pÊtanque court or look after the greenhouse together with the rest of the area's residents. There will be three different housing types with sizes between 60 and 125 square meters. With the different housing types, it is the hope that the area will be able to attract different types of residents. So regardless of whether you are a family with children looking for a home to rent, or whether you belong to the older segment and are looking for a rental home, there is room for you and your needs in Rantzausbakke.

Lots of experiences all year round

Regardless of where you choose to find a home to rent, and whether you are looking for a rental home, student housing to rent, room to rent, house to rent or apartment to rent, with a location in Horsens you will be surrounded by experiences all year round. If you are into nature experiences, you can consider finding a property to rent near Horsens Fjord. Here, it's just about jumping into your shoes and getting out and enjoying nature on one of the many walking routes and cycle paths that lie around the fjord. You can also take the passenger and bicycle ferry on the route between Snaptun-Hjarnø-Alrø throughout the summer. With a home for rent in Horsens, you will also be close to Denmark's only river, Gudenüen. Here you have plenty of opportunities for nature experiences, regardless of whether you want to hike, fish or sail in a canoe. A pleasant trip down Gudenüen is the perfect way to experience the beautiful landscape around Horsens.

With a property to rent in Horsens, you will also be able to have a fantastic summer with great bathing experiences. Horsens Fjord has calm water and beautiful beaches close to the city, which are suitable for a good dip for the whole family. With a rental property, student accommodation to rent, room to rent, house to rent or apartment to rent in Horsens, you will also be able to capture the holiday atmosphere in the district of Stensballe. Here you will find Husodde Strand, where you can enjoy both the water, the beach, ice cream and mini golf.

With a rental property in Horsens city or Horsens Municipality, you will also be close to a lot of cultural experiences. For example, Horsens is a big concert town, and you can find plenty of musical experiences at both Horsens New Theatre, the Kulisselageret, the PRISON and in Forum Horsens/Casa Arena. In addition, there are also festivals such as Wall of Sound and Blue Alive festival - or how about live music among the beech trees at the music event Rock in Lunden? Regardless of whether you are into nature experiences, cultural experiences or just want to live in a cozy city with life and soul, you can find what suits you with a rental property, student accommodation for rent, room for rent, house for rent or apartment for rent in Horsens.

Student housing in Horsens

Horsens is Denmark's eighth largest city with almost 60,000 inhabitants and a good study environment. The city has been developing rapidly in the last few years, and this can be seen on the housing market in the form of a large selection of beautiful, lovely, new homes and leases.

Are you ready to start your new studies, but do you need accommodation? Then you can find the best student housing in Horsens here. Regardless of whether you are going to VIA University College, Horsens SundhedsAkademi or Erhvervsakademiet Dania, we have the right accommodation for you, so you can get off to a good start with your new life in Horsens.

Student accommodation in Horsens has a lot to offer. You can easily get a spacious home for a good price. In contrast to many large educational cities, there is a good selection in Horsens, and this is to your advantage. The prices for a student accommodation in Horsens are often between DKK 4,000 and 6,000, and you get a lot for your money. Depending on whether you want to live cheaply or have surplus for your leisure interests, we can help you find your dream home in Horsens.

It is entirely up to you whether you want to live inside the city, where it is full of life, or whether you want to go out on the outskirts of the city. It takes approx. 20 minutes by bus from the quiet peace on the outskirts of Horsens to VIA University College.

Horsens – rent apartment

You can find a nice apartment in the Triangle area right here. Regardless of whether you have got a new job or have started a new study in the Triangle area, there is plenty to choose from. You can find cheap 3-bedroom apartments down to around DKK 4,000 per month.

Horsens is a developing city, and therefore you can find Horsens apartment rent at favorable prices. But you can also find new opportunities and an exciting atmosphere. Concerts are often held in Horsens State Prison, and it's great to be able to go to a concert and return home without having to make a long journey.

Not many cities can offer a nice 3-room apartment with a lift and nice parquet floors in the center of the city for around DKK 8,000 a month - but Horsens can. So there are many good reasons to find your new, lovely apartment here.

Terraced house in Horsens

Peace of mind and peace in the home? A terraced house in Horsens is the solution. There is nothing better than living in a terraced house in a quiet area, where you can take part in street parties with family and neighbours. The social gathering and the cozy atmosphere are very special for terraced houses.

Horsens has many beautiful and modern terraced houses to offer, where you can find inner peace surrounded by beautiful areas. You can live centrally and undisturbed with lovely, bright colors and sharp design if you choose a terraced house in Horsens.

Horsens Fjord is not far away, where you can spend the day with the children on a fishing or sailing trip. In the northern part of Horsens, there is access to the lovely Nørrestrand, which is perfect for the warm days.

House for rent in Horsens

Homely and spacious surroundings? You can find that in a house for rent in Horsens. Here you can escape the noise of the city without having too far to work. A house for rent in Horsens is the perfect combination of modern design, quiet surroundings and convenience.

Many of the houses you find on our site are either newly renovated or brand new. You can be sure that you get a lot for your money and that there is everything your heart desires. You can find a nice house with a nice terrace or a smart divided house with two floors and a wonderful view.

There are many activities in Horsens, which make the city an attractive choice for the whole family. Horsens Art Museum often has something new and exciting to offer, and a good, relaxing Sunday trip with the family awaits. You can also take a trip on the golf course when you need to relax.

The many square meters you get in quiet surroundings can be difficult to find elsewhere. The great development in Horsens in the past few years has meant that there are many fantastic houses that you and the family can rent. Take a look and see if you can find the family's dream home.

Room for rent in Horsens

Are you social and perhaps a new student? Then Horsens room rent is just the thing for you. The social interaction that occurs when you share a home always creates new friendships. If you are ready to meet new people, we would advise you to look for a cheap and nice room in Horsens.

You don't have to think about maintenance and everything else when you rent a home. It is easy and convenient to stay in a room where you can have peace and quiet to study without being too far away from your new friends.

You don't need more than one room in Horsens, since the city is full of life and development. The many events in the city mean that you can easily have fun on a SU budget. Concerts and a rich study environment make Horsens a fantastic city to live in if you are a student.

Find a rental property in Horsens

You can easily and quickly find a place to live in Horsens. It does not matter whether you are looking for a house, rental property, student accommodation or terraced house. It is easy and quick to form an overview of the housing market here at BoligZonen.

We have created a search engine that is straightforward to use, so that you can find the home that suits you exactly. You can search for homes in your price range and choose how many rooms and square meters you need, so you can find your dream home without difficulty.

If, on the other hand, you want to rent out a home, you simply need to create a rental ad so that your ad reaches many potential tenants.

We hope you are successful in finding your dream home.

How do I find a rental property in Horsens?

It can be time-consuming to find a rental property in Horsens. We therefore recommend that you start your housing search as soon as possible. At BoligZonen, we have made it easier for you as a home seeker by collecting all available rental properties in both the city of Horsens and Horsens Municipality. Remember to use filtering in your housing search so that it is as accurate as possible.

You can also create a HousingMatcher, which continuously updates you on new rental properties in exactly the area in which you are looking for housing.

How much does a rental property in Horsens cost?

A rental property in Horsens costs on average around DKK 7,600/month. There is of course a difference in the type of rental property you are looking for. The average price of rooms and houses is between DKK 2,400/month and DKK 10,800/month, while apartments are between DKK 2,500/month and DKK 40,900/month.

Find your future rental property safely and securely on BoligZonen

At BoligZonen you will find a wide selection of rental properties in Horsens. We do everything we can to ensure that all housing adverts are approved in advance by our customer service, so that you don't have to worry and can focus on what you are here for – finding a rental property in Horsens.

If you have specific wishes for your future rental property in Horsens, you can quickly and easily use our search function. Here you can choose the housing type that suits you best – you can, for example, choose a room, apartment or house. You can also use the search function to define the size, rent and square meters of your future dream home in Horsens.

If you would like to be one of the first to see new rental properties, you can easily and quickly create a BoligMatcher and automatically receive an email when new rental properties appear in Horsens.

We wish you the best of luck in finding a rental property in Horsens at BoligZonen