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Rent out your rental

Create a Housing Ad - and find a tenant for your rental for free

At BoligZonen you can rent out your housing rental for free. You can easily do that by creating a Housing Ad where we have made it easy for you as a landlord to rent out your rental quickly, regardless if it is a professional or private rental, and regardless if you rent out one or several rooms, houses, terraced houses or apartments.

Housing viewing and advertising

Your Housing Ad will of course be shown in BoligZonen's housing views when a housing seeker search for rental housing on our housing portal.

Other than that, your home has the opportunity to be exposed via one or more of BoligZonen's channels below.

1 HousingMatcher

We send out your Housing Ad per. mail to the home seekers who have set up a HousingMatcher, where they have asked to be informed when a rental housing like yours is online.

2 Google Advertising

BoligZonen use Google Ads as part of our advertising. We do this to ensure that the homes posted on the website get as high an exposure as possible in Google.

3 Facebook Advertising

With Facebook Ads, your rental will be advertised across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. Via various objectives, which are set up by BoligZonen, your rental will be displayed in appropriate formats for selected target groups.

4 E-mailmarketing

As part of our e-mail marketing, your rental will be sent out to the housing seekers who are looking for a rental in the area where your rental is located.

5 BoligZonen's own Facebook Groups

BoligZonen's Facebook groups for housing seekers have more than 350,000 members spread across the country. We advertise Housing Ads on a daily basis in the relevant groups which will increase the exposure in the local area as best as possible.

Housing Search Ads - find a tenant for your rental easily and for free

A Housing Search Ad is an ad that is filled out by housing seekers looking for a specific rental.

As a landlord, you can easily search and select among the active housing seekers who have created a Housing Search Ad on BoligZonen.

If you find a housing seeker who matches your criteria for a future tenant, and you have a rental that matches the housing seekers criteria, you can easily and free of charge contact the person directly through the Housing Search Ad.

Find your future tenant

BoligZonen's free
digital lease

With BoligZonen's digital lease, you can e.g. make a:

  • Ordinary lease
  • Lease for room rental
  • Sublease
  • Time-limited lease
  • Non-cancellable lease

No matter what lease you want to make, we will guide you to the correct completion. We also help you formulate section 11 of the lease, which contains the special terms of the lease.

What happens when your
Housing Ad is created?

We always manually validate and approve new Housing Ads. We do this to create security for the housing seekers on BoligZonen.

Once you have created a Housing Ad, you will automatically be notified per. mail when there are home seekers showing interest in your rental. You can choose whether you want to communicate with the housing seeker in writing through our messaging system, by telephone or by e-mail.

Our customer services

We are here to help you with your housing rental. You can chat with us every days of the week between 8 - 22.

Or you can contact us below if you have any questions.

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