Kolding apartments for rent - A small city with many possibilities

Kolding has around 70,000 inhabitants and is thus Denmark's seventh largest city. Kolding is a fjord town in South Jutland or more specifically Region Southern Denmark.

Kolding is located in a tunnel valley in the south-eastern part of Jutland and lies within, and is part of, the Triangle area. The town is centrally located, 26 kilometers from Fredericia, 29 kilometers from Vejle and 30 kilometers from Haderslev.

The city of Kolding forms the framework for a cozy city with lots of offers, events and opportunities. The city center, and the oldest part of the city, lies at the bottom of the valley in the east-west area. Suburbs include Vonsild, Tved, Bramdrupdam, Seest, Strandhuse and Harte, all of which have become part of the city.

Here on BoligZonen, we find that it is especially apartments and terraced houses for rent in Kolding that are of great interest. And you will also find a large number of exciting homes in and around Kolding. At the end of this article, you can read more about where it could be interesting to look for a rental property in Kolding.

Kolding is located in South Jutland and is Denmark's 7th largest city. With a rental property, apartment to rent, house to rent, room to rent or student accommodation to rent in Kolding, you will therefore have many options, and with the surrounding towns such as Vejle, Fredericia and Middelfart, you will have many options within easy reach. And with a lot of new construction in Kolding, you'll have a good chance of finding what you're looking for, whether it's a rental property, apartment to rent, house to rent, room to rent or student housing to rent. Furthermore, Kolding is one of the fastest growing cities in Jutland and with beautiful nature, many educational institutions and job opportunities, there are good opportunities for everyone. The train station will make it easy to get wherever you need to go.

Transport options in Kolding

In Kolding, there is easy access by buses, regional buses and trains. If you are by car, you will hardly find a better location, because the city is as centrally located as it is. There is an easy passage over Lillebælt (and on to Fyn and Zealand), and in the same way, there is a reasonable distance to Germany (and further down through Europe). If you don't mind commuting to work, a rental property in Kolding offers a central location, with many options. In particular, apartments for rent in Kolding, with a view of the fjord, are among some of Denmark's attractive homes. Kolding Airport is the nearest airport and is located in Vamdrup approx. half an hour's drive from Kolding. The larger airport, Billund Airport, is a 45-minute drive from Kolding where you can fly abroad. 

Dalby Hill

Was it something with a terraced house for rent in Kolding? Then you should take a closer look at the new construction Dalby Hill. Here there are terraced houses of 96-100 square meters and you can find a 3-bedroom or a 4-bedroom according to your needs. In the same place is also Gårdhavehuse, where you can find a house for rent of 115 square meters and which contains 4 rooms. Here you can find a house to rent that matches your needs and your living situation, whether you are alone, a young couple or a family with children.

With a house for rent in Dalby Hill’s townhouses, you can enjoy a private terrace that belongs to the house, where you can enjoy yourself with friends and family on pleasant summer evenings. In addition, you also get space to park your car and your bicycle and also an open shed in extension to the home's driveway. With a home for rent in Dalby, you will live in a small suburb, which now belongs to Kolding. In Dalby you will get both beautiful nature, a short distance to the beach and Kolding Fjord. In addition, you will be a short distance from many different schools and various cultural offerings, including all the leisure activities that Kolding Municipality offers. In a radius of just ten minutes by car from your property for rent in Dalby Bakke, you will have five supermarkets, and after just 6 minutes by car you will be in Kolding town.


One place you can also look for a rental apartment is in the newly built Hviidsminde. Hviidsminde has 75 apartments for rent spread over five floors, and here you can get a home to rent from 2 to 5 rooms with a size of 57-122 square meters. If you have a pet that will be in your rental property, this is also allowed.

Stjerneparken Kolding

On the former Fyrværkerigrund in Seest, 80 nice and well-furnished homes will be built for rent. On the ground floor you can get a rental apartment of 80-120 sqm and on the 1st floor you can get a home of 100 sqm with large balconies. In addition, with a home for rent in Stjerneparken Kolding, you will be able to make use of spacious, green areas, where there will be plenty of space for outdoor life in the large communal areas with hilly terrain and smaller canyons, and in addition, families with children, who find a home for rent here, will certainly enjoy the small hills to sled on in the winter.

Student in Kolding

Over the years, Kolding has developed into a student town, where you can find the University of Southern Denmark, the IBA Business Academy, the Design School as well as a high school and business school. It is therefore also obvious to find Kolding student housing or an apartment in Kolding to share. When you are studying and the budget is small, it can be an idea to find several roommates and move together in an apartment for rent in Kolding and thereby save some money.

A living city

In addition to being a good student city, Kolding is also a lively city center. You can choose to find a property to rent in the middle of the pleasant pedestrian street with good shopping opportunities, or you can find a rental property a little further out of town - it's up to you what suits you best. Regardless of where you choose to find a rental property, apartment to rent, house to rent, room to rent or student accommodation to rent in Kolding, you can make use of the city's good restaurants, cinemas, theaters and the many child-friendly activities that can be found in Kolding.

Culture and city life

Kolding offers several cultural sites, city parks and green areas. In Kolding you will find Kolding Bypark, where there is a large playground, which has been very popular since it was built in 1998. With a rental property in the Kolding area, you get a home in scenic areas with both a rich animal- and plant life. Among other things, you can get close to several forest areas, coasts, beaches and river valleys. Even with an apartment for rent in Kolding town, you have easy access to Marielundskoven, Kolding Ådal and Slotssøen.

The young people's gathering place in the city is called Mælkepoppen and was built in 1963.

The city also has a large theatre, Mungo Park Kolding, located in the city's former main library in the middle of the city. Kolding Theater opened in 2009 and is today the largest theater in the city - it can accommodate around 700 seated and 1500 standing guests. The old St. Nicolai school has become home to a cultural complex that offers café life, a cinema, Nicolai for Children, Nicolai Art and Design as well as House and Design. In the city you will also find a very fine marina that can accommodate 1000 boats.

In the center of Kolding there are several pedestrian streets with cafes, shops and restaurants. The city also has a large shopping center - Kolding Storcenter. If you are looking for a home and are looking for a peaceful city with many family options, a rental property in Kolding is a good bet. Houses and especially terraced houses for rent in Kolding are generally priced nicely, and you often get both quality and good space here for the money.

Among other sights in Kolding, the following can be mentioned:

Koldinghus - a renovated castle that functions as a museum with various exhibitions

Geographical Garden - a 13 hectare botanical garden

Trapholt - a museum of modern art and design

Kolding Mini City - a model of the city as it looked in 1865

1. Vonsild

Vonsild is located in Kolding's southernmost district - approx. 4 kilometers south of the center of Kolding. In the past, the town was a village and then a station town, but today the district has grown together with Kolding due to the industrial area.

The district belongs to Vonsild Parish and has around 3,100 inhabitants. This part of the city is extremely cozy and is known, among other things, for its old church called Vonsild Church, which dates back to 1824.

2. Bramdrupdam

Bramdrupdam is one of the districts in Kolding and is located 5 kilometers north of the center of Kolding. The district is located in Bramdrupdam Parish and has around 4,600 inhabitants. In the district is Bramdrup School, which has 712 pupils from grades 0-9. grade.

3. Seest

If you are looking for a terraced house to rent in Kolding, Seest, located in the south-western part of Kolding, is definitely worth a look. Here is a wide selection of exciting homes for rent. Seest is a cozy town that became known back in 2004 after the big fireworks accident. Today, however, the district has been completely rebuilt.

4. Strandhuse

Strandhuse is located in Nørre Bjert Parish and has a nice little school called Lyshøjskolen.

5. Harte

Harte is a district that belongs to Kolding, but is located in Harte Parish and has less than 500 inhabitants. The district is located between Esbjerg motorway and Sønderjysk motorway approx. 5 kilometers west of Kolding Centre.

Apartment in Kolding

Do you dream of finding an apartment in Kolding? Perhaps you want a new place, or perhaps you are moving to the city? Regardless, BoligZonen has a large selection of apartments for rent in Kolding. There are apartments in many sizes and designs at favorable prices, so there is guaranteed to be a new home for you in Kolding.

In the center of Kolding you will find good two-room apartments for as little as DKK 4,500 per month, and if you are looking for something larger, there are many three- and four-room apartments for under DKK 9,000 per month in the center.

If you search further out of town for the attractive Strandhuse, the prices rise a little, but in return you get a nice location close to the water. If you are looking for an apartment with five or more rooms, you can also look outside Kolding center for a cheap apartment close to the life of the city.

It is therefore relatively cheap compared to many other large Danish cities to live in Kolding, and this applies even in the center of the city. This leaves plenty of room in the budget to enjoy the many attractions and cultural offerings found in the center of Kolding.

If you choose an apartment for rent in Kolding, there are maps to other hubs in Denmark, because the city is centrally located and close to, for example, Lillebælt, Kolding Airport and Billund Airport. At the same time, the city can offer good and well-functioning public transport, so that you can get around the city quickly and efficiently. Kolding is therefore a good choice for you who are looking for an apartment to which you can commute back and forth.

Room for rent in Kolding

If you are looking for something smaller than an entire apartment, it might be an idea to consider renting a room in Kolding. It may be that you are a student and have to move out on your own for the first time, so your budget does not reach for a whole apartment. Or maybe you just enjoy the social dorm life that comes with a dorm room.

Regardless of the reason, in Kolding center you will find rooms for as little as DKK 3,000/month, and there are also furnished rooms to be found for the same price. Student housing in Kolding is also easy to find, and here you can for example find student housing for between DKK 3-4,000 per month.

Kolding is a popular student town and is home to, for example, the University of Southern Denmark and the School of Design. If you are a student and at SU, it goes without saying that the amount of money you have to spend on your home is limited. By renting a room, it is possible to save money and find a cheap place to live that is close to your education. In addition to saving money, a room in a dormitory or in a housing association also gives you the opportunity to make new acquaintances.

If it's the first time you're going out and looking for an apartment, we've made a guide that tells you about everything you need to know when renting an apartment. Here you will find important information about rent, leases, rules for termination and so on.

Terraced house for rent in Kolding

If the dream is a spacious terraced house with a small garden in the Kolding area, then this is also possible to find. There are many terraced houses for rent in Kolding at reasonable prices, ranging from two rooms up to four rooms and a carport.

A terraced house can be attractive because it provides space for you to enjoy nature and the fresh air completely without being disturbed by the noise of the city, while at the same time you can enjoy the benefits of a good neighborhood. It is especially attractive if you have small children who can make new friends with the neighbors’ kids. 

Terraced houses for rent in Kolding are at a very reasonable price. In Kolding, you can get two-bedroom terraced houses for DKK 7,000 per month, and if you and your family need something bigger, you can find three- and four-bedroom terraced houses in Kolding for less than DKK 10,000 per month.

Many of Kolding's terraced houses are newly built and are therefore a bit outside the city center and from the noise that comes with it. However, the townhouses are still located with good access to the city's offerings in the form of good infrastructure and public transportation. 

House for rent in Kolding

If you and your family need something bigger than a terraced house, or you are not keen on how close the neighbors are to each other in a terraced house, Kolding also offers many houses for rent in Kolding and the surrounding area. Here you can really enjoy nature and find peace in beautiful surroundings close to the water.

A rental property in Kolding means that you don't have to think about financing and being tied to a house for decades. Instead, you can rent a nice house in beautiful nature with large rooms and lots of space to unfold without expensive loans.

Homes for rent in Kolding are, just like apartments or townhouses, at a reasonable rent, which means that everyone can join in and find their dream home. If you rent a house in Kolding, you have to part with around DKK 8-10,000 every month. This also applies in the popular areas of Seest and Vonsild. Where you live in the Kolding area does not depend on your budget, but on your own preferences. It is therefore easy to find a home to rent in Kolding close to nature and culture, and which has large rooms and a large garden in contrast to other big cities in Denmark.

A rental property in a city with history

Kolding is also a city that bears the stamp of a city with history. Koldinghus, which is an old royal castle, is the city's landmark and stands beautifully by the castle lake. If you like historic surroundings, it could be obvious to find a rental property, apartment for rent, house for rent, room for rent or student accommodation for rent nearby. You can also look for rental accommodation in the city centre, where you can find narrow, cobbled streets, which also radiate the city's old history. When it comes to design, Kolding is a city with its finger on the pulse. Among other things, Kolding is home to the Design School, the art museum Trapholt and Design City Kolding.

Looking for your next home can be a big task, especially if you are looking for a rental property for the first time. To make it as easy as possible for you as a home seeker, we have created a search tool that enables you to filter your search when you are looking for a rental property in Kolding.

Here you can search by type of home, rent, number of rooms and, not least, how many square meters your future rental home will have.

If you are a landlord and want to find your next tenant easily and quickly, you also have the option of this at BoligZonen. All you have to do is create a rental ad through which your future tenant can contact you.

Home for rent in scenic surroundings

If you love nature and all its possibilities and experiences, it would be ideal to find a rental property, apartment to rent, house to rent, room to rent or student accommodation to rent in Kolding. Among other things, you can find Marielund and Bramdrup Forest - right through here runs the Toldhedebanen, which is a nature trail built on a former railway line. In addition, with a rental property, apartment for rent, house for rent, room for rent or student accommodation for rent in Kolding, you will also be close to both lakes, river valleys and fjords, and whether you are up for lacing up your hiking boots and going for a nice walk in Kolding's landscape, or whether you would rather jump on your bike and take a trip around the beautiful nature - you have plenty of options for just that with a rental property, apartment for rent, house for rent, room for rent or student accommodation for rent in Kolding.

Regardless of whether you are a tenant or a landlord, we wish you all the best of luck in finding or renting out your dream home!