Roskilde rental property

Roskilde is one of the country's oldest cities and is located on East Zealand, next to the south-eastern part of Roskilde Fjord. It is Denmark's 10th largest city, and it is only 25 minutes away from Copenhagen. With a house for rent, a student accommodation for rent, an apartment for rent or a room for rent in Roskilde, you will therefore easily be able to have a job or study in Copenhagen.

Transport to and from Roskilde

Most of the city's buses depart from Roskilde Station, which is centrally located in the city and not far from the famous shopping street. There are also regular connections by train to Copenhagen, Copenhagen Airport, Aarhus, Kalundborg and Odense, among others. Trips to Copenhagen only take 25 minutes, and are a large part of the reason why a rental property in Roskilde is sought after for those who work in the capital.

Roskilde is a junction in Denmark, which also makes it attractive for commuters. In addition to the easy and fast access to the capital, the town is also within driving distance of HolbÌk, Ringsted, Ballerup, Køge and Taastrup.

With the city's location and infrastructure, it is considered a regional junction because there is easy access to both the capital and South Zealand. In 1847 the country's first railway came and in more recent times the HolbĂŚk motorway and Roskilde Airport were built. The airport is located approximately 6 km from the center of Roskilde.

Living in Roskilde

When faced with the choice of where to live, there are several factors that come into play - but in Roskilde you are close to both nature and the city at the same time. Roskilde city offers many options in the form of shops, restaurants, workplaces, schools and housing.

Regardless of where in Roskilde you look for a rental property, the city has a lot to offer. Both the opportunities and the city's location are a large part of the reason why Roskilde is popular. Prices have generally risen in the city and it can be an expensive pleasure to buy property today. Therefore, there is also an increased interest in housing for rent, especially apartments in the center of Roskilde, which are at a high rate.

 If you go back a few years, it was impossible to fill all the housing in, for example, Trekroner, which otherwise houses Roskilde University. However, Trekroner has undergone colossal development in recent years and is now the busiest area in Roskilde, when it comes to urban development. The district offers both nature and city life and is located in the most north-eastern part of Roskilde. In addition, the district offers its own station - Trekroner Station - which is close to Trekroner Center. As mentioned, Roskilde University is also located in Trekroner, which in many ways has become a university town in its own right. Contrary to a few years ago, there are now waiting lists for all student housing in Roskilde.

Rental properties in Roskilde

Regardless of your situation, you will be able to find something in Roskilde that suits you and your wishes. It may be that you are a student and wish to find a student accommodation to rent in Roskilde, that you are young and looking for a room to rent or an apartment to rent in Roskilde, or it may be that you are a family with children, who wants a house to rent or an apartment to rent. Since Roskilde's popularity has increased a lot in the past 10 years, the prices of owner-occupied homes have gone up. So if you would like to live in Roskilde without having to pay a small fortune for an owner-occupied home, a rental home is a good alternative. Regardless of what housing wishes you have and what situation you are in, there are plenty of rental properties to look for - and this is especially thanks to the many new buildings that are springing up around Roskilde. It is one of the places where the most construction takes place. New, modern homes are being built on top of the traditional buildings, and entirely new districts are being formed in other places. Regardless, you have wide options to find a house for rent, a student accommodation for rent, an apartment for rent or a room for rent in Roskilde.

Two new districts – Musicon and Trekroner

Although construction in Roskilde is spreading to most of the city, it is particularly concentrated in two new districts – namely Musicon and Trekroner. Musicon is located south of the center of Roskilde and is a vibrant and creative district with a rich culture, shops and lots of unions. It is located in a former industrial area between Roskilde Dyrskueplads and Roskilde Station. With a house for rent, a student residence for rent, an apartment for rent or a room for rent here, you will be located in an area that contains both a dance theater, museum, rehearsal rooms, restaurants, skate hall, art school and many different types of housing. A home for rent here is in an area where there is room for diversity and a focus on sustainability. It will be obvious for you to find a rental apartment or a house for rent in this area if you like to make use of cultural offers. Musicon is home to, among other things, the museum Ragnarock, the theater Aaben Dans and the annual cultural festival Rabalder. Furthermore, it is here that Roskilde Festival's administration develops and plans the big festival. There are many new buildings on the way in Musicon, and you will thus have the opportunity to find a house to rent, a student residence to rent, an apartment to rent or a room to rent in a creative and innovative area in Roskilde.

If you want to find a property to rent in a district that is growing rapidly, you can consider taking a closer look at Trekroner. It is located on the eastern outskirts of Roskilde, and is primarily known for Roskilde University, which will also make it an obvious place to settle if you are a student and looking for student accommodation to rent or perhaps a room to rent together with others. In addition, Trekroner Station and the district's new church building, Trekroner Church, are also located here. The area is characterized by new buildings, which makes it an interesting place to look for either a house for rent, a student residence for rent, an apartment for rent or a room for rent. This district is also ideal for families with children to find a house to rent, as there is a school, and in addition there is also a center with, among other things, grocery stores, clothing stores, hairdressers and a cafĂŠ. In Trekroner you can also find a number of office and business buildings, and therefore with a home for rent here you can also have the opportunity to be close to work. If you are into nature and physical activity, you can look for a home to rent in the area in the middle of Trekroner. Here, right next to the university, Trekroner Sø and "Trekroner Hub" are located, which, among other things, offer a skating rink, ball court, table tennis and covered houses for study and living. The two districts, Musicon and Trekroner, are still under development, and in the future there will be lots of housing and businesses here, so it's worth keeping a close eye on those two places if you're looking for a house to rent. 

Where should you live in Roskilde?

In addition to the districts mentioned above, there are also a number of areas adjacent to Roskilde City, and here the following are worth mentioning:

MUSICON (district)

Musicon is a different and vibrant district in Roskilde. The aim behind the district has been to bring together culture, shops, union life and cafes, under the overall theme: creative ideas and play. There are, among other things, rental properties with a small shop/workshop as part of the property, where there is a requirement that this be used actively.


As already mentioned, Roskilde University is the heart of Trekroner. This also means that many of the housing projects that have been in the city are mainly focused on student housing and youth housing for RUC students. However, the demand has also meant that the rent for apartments in Trekroner is high.


Svogerslev has around 4,200 inhabitants and is located around 5 km west of Roskilde. The town offers a school, club life, scouts, a gymnastics club, handball club, bank, bakery and grocery stores. If you are looking for a terraced house or house to rent in Roskilde, Svogerslev is an obvious choice.


Vindinge has around 2,000 inhabitants and is located 5 km south-east of Roskilde centre.


Gadstrup has around 2,000 inhabitants and contains everything from a school, convenience store, leisure center and several associations. With its location, just over 10km south of Roskilde, prices in Gadstrup are somewhat lower. Especially if you are looking for a house to rent in Roskilde and the surrounding area, you will get more for your money here.


Veddelev is a small town with around 1,100 inhabitants. The town is located by Roskilde Fjord and 5 km north of Roskilde.


Viby SjĂŚlland is a station town with around 4,500 inhabitants. The city has a train connection to Roskilde, Copenhagen, Ringsted and Odense. The town has its own library, doctor, dentist, grocery stores, specialty stores, hairdressers, schools and a sports club.


Vor Frue has just under 700 inhabitants and is not more than a few km south of Roskilde. In addition, the city is a neighbor to the Roskilde Festival.


Ågerup has around 1,500 inhabitants and is located 10 km north-east of Roskilde and 8 km from Hedehusene.

Sights and culture in Roskilde

Roskilde exudes history and culture, and offers many exciting experiences. If you are considering finding an apartment or house to rent in Roskilde, here is a sample of the many exciting things that come with it:

Roskilde festival

The city of Roskilde has a big annual event that is known to almost all Danes - the Roskilde Festival. The festival is visited every year by over 100,000 people from all over the country and the rest of the world. During the period while the festival is on, Roskilde is the country's 4th largest city.

Roskilde Cathedral

Roskilde Cathedral is the city's biggest attraction and was Zealand's only cathedral until the 20th century. The church dates back to the Middle Ages and is presented in a Gothic style. In addition, it is the burial place for a large number of Danish kings and queens. In 1995, the cathedral was added to UNESCO's World Heritage List, among other things, because of the architectural and artistic decoration as well as its importance for Denmark and the Baltic Sea region.

The Viking Ship Museum

The museum offers 6 original ships from the Viking Age, which were originally found in Roskilde Fjord in the 1960s and go by the name Skuldelev 1-6. The Viking Ship Museum has around 100-120,000 annual visitors.


Museum Ragnarock is a new museum for pop, rock and youth culture, which opened in 2016. The museum is located in the upcoming district of Musicon.

The Museum of Contemporary Art

The museum is located in "Det Gule PalĂŚ" next to the Cathedral and offers experimental and process-oriented art in the form of text, images, sound, video and installations.

Roskilde Museum

The museum has a permanent collection, but also offers the following collections: The Craftsman Museum, Roskilde Cathedral Museum, the Palace Collections, Roskilde Museum's Merchant's Market and Roskilde Miniby. In addition, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde Museum, Museum Ragnarock and Musicon are also located in the city.

Students in Roskilde

Roskilde is a student city that offers a lot of different educations. Roskilde is particularly known for Roskilde University (better known as RUC), which offers a multitude of educations, but there is also Zealand, the Professional College Absalon, Salling Group student educations and the Center Air Pilot Academy, to name just a few. Therefore, Roskilde will be an obvious place to settle as a student. You can consider finding a student accommodation to rent in Roskilde or you can find a room to rent and live with others - or you can find your very own rental apartment.

Roskilde's many possibilities

Roskilde has a lot to offer. It has a lovely location next to Roskilde Fjord and to several forest areas, and this makes it possible for you to find a house for rent, a student accommodation for rent, an apartment for rent or a room for rent close to lots of nature. The short distance to Copenhagen also makes Roskilde an attractive place for new residents. With the many cultural offerings, shopping opportunities, schools, day care centers and areas with businesses, you will be able to find something that suits you. Roskilde is known for several things, but three sights you cannot miss are Roskilde Cathedral, the Viking Museum and not least the annual Roskilde Festival.

Regardless of whether you are single and want to live in a smaller apartment for rent, or whether you are a couple or a family that wants a slightly larger rental property, you can find something that suits your situation. You can also team up with others and experience the value of living in a housing community and having a room for rent.

How do I find a Roskilde rental apartment?

It can be time-consuming to find a rental property in Roskilde. We therefore recommend that you start your housing search as soon as possible. At BoligZonen, we have made it easier for you as a home seeker by collecting all available rental properties in both Roskilde city and Roskilde Municipality. Remember to use filtering in your housing search so that it is as accurate as possible.

You can also create a BoligMatcher, which continuously updates you on new rental properties in exactly the area in which you are looking for housing.

How much does a rental property in Roskilde cost?

A rental property in Roskilde costs on average around DKK 7,100/month. There is of course a difference in the type of rental property you are looking for. The average price of rooms and houses is between DKK 2,500/month and DKK 21,000/month, while apartments are between DKK 3,000/month and DKK 30,000/month.

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