Rent an apartment in Aalborg

Aalborg houses more than 115,000 people and is Denmark's fourth largest city. Aalborg is therefore also described as the capital of North Jutland. Aalborg is no longer an industrial city, but a city that many people move to due to the large selection of good educational opportunities. 

A rental property in Aalborg is attractive because the city has many things to offer; nature and green areas, city center with lots of life, education and job opportunities. Therefore, you must also arm yourself with patience if you are considering moving to Aalborg. It can be difficult to find the dream home on the first try. You can create a HousingMatcher that helps you getting in front of the line to rental housing in Aalborg.

The city's recently restored waterfront is especially in high demand with its many outdoor sports areas and recreational areas. Near the waterfront you will find the architectural Utzon Center, which was the last work of the Aalborg-born architect Jørn Utzon, who also designed the world-famous Opera House in Sydney.

Utzon described Aalborg as: "... a place where good thoughts could be gathered" and "... a center of excellent quality for architecture and humanity in the future." In the center of Aalborg, for example, you will find many new vacant apartments at Godsbanen Aalborg, where the old freight train area has been transformed into a new and vibrant district.

Aalborg, the young people’s city

Aalborg is in the process of creating a municipality where growth, knowledge and welfare are the highest priorities. The course is now set in the direction of the future, where, among other things, the creation of new rental housing is highly valued. The reason for this is, among other things, that Aalborg is an active student and University City with a clear vision of being Denmark's best city for young people.

The number of students has grown, and the enormous growth is reflected in the population, where one in five today is a student. In order to meet the students' expectations for rental apartments and other affordable tenancies, around 4,500 new studio flats have been built in Aalborg since 2009.

However, it is not only Danish students who choose to study in Aalborg. Up to 2,500 international students live and study in the city today. Aalborg has given priority to offering the opportunity to live in attractive and centrally located studio apartments.

In 2013, the European Commission concluded that Aalborg is one of the cities in all of Europe where the majority of its inhabitants are satisfied with the city.

Find cheap rental housing in Aalborg and the surrounding areas

In addition to a nice student environment, the city also has a lot else to offer. In the late 1990s, offices and homes began to be built in the old industrial areas west of the Limfjord Bridge.

The old port areas in front of the medieval town east of the Limfjord Bridge were transformed into a recreational area with cafĂŠs, restaurants and cultural and sports life. It is expected that in 2025 there will be 225.000 people living in Aalborg.

That is why Aalborg is not only a city of young people. As a family, you can easily find a nice house for rent in the city with access to scenic surroundings and good institutions.

Around Aalborg there are many exciting areas. Your new rental property in Aalborg could, for example, be located in:

Aalborg Center

Aalborg center also goes by the name Aalborg City and is Aalborg's most central district with around 10,000 inhabitants. The district is undergoing a transformation process around the waterfront, where you experience a lot of life in the various local areas. Both Godsbanen and Østre Havn are new areas that were previously industrial areas. Today you will find several educational institutions, cultural centers and homes (both owner-occupied and rented housing) for students, especially in the area around the old Park Hotel Aalborg.

Aalborg East

Aalborg East is located six kilometers southeast of Aalborg Center with about 13,000 inhabitants. The district is characterized by many new housing projects to create more owner-occupied and rental housing. A rental apartment in Aalborg East is peacefully located, but still within a short distance from the center and Aalborg's many options. If you are looking for available Aalborg rental apartments, there is a wide selection on this page.


Hasseris is a neighborhood in southwest Aalborg. In Hasseris, they try to preserve the feeling of village character with a twist of green areas and planting, where, among other things, the famous Møllepark and Norden Kridtgrav are located. If you are looking for houses for rent in Aalborg, Hasseris is worth a look.


Nørresundby is a natural extension of Aalborg on the northern side of the Limfjord. The city, which is perceived as an independent city (with no less than 23,108 inhabitants in 2019), is directly connected to Aalborg via the Limfjord Bridge and the Culture Bridge, and it can also be difficult for outsiders to know that the 2 cities are not one and the same. In recent years, a number of new housing projects have been planned in Nørresundby, so if you are looking for a rental apartment or a house for rent in Nørresundby or in general around Aalborg, there are many exciting leases to keep an eye on.

How do I find an Aalborg apartment?

Aalborg is an attractive University City, and therefore many newcomers come regularly, who are looking for a rental home. It is therefore extra important to start the housing search as soon as possible.

At BoligZonen you can find a large selection of available rental homes in Aalborg, and every day we post new apartments on the site. Stay automatically updated on new homes by signing up for our HousingMatcher

What does a rental home in Aalborg cost?

Aalborg is North Jutland's most expensive city to settle in. This reflects the prices very well in central Aalborg, but especially in Hasseris area, which is the most expensive area in Aalborg to rent a home in. The average price per square meter for a rental home in Aalborg is DKK 93 per person. mdr.

What is the total price for a rental property in Aalborg?

The total price for a rental property typically includes prepaid rent as well as a deposit. Deposit is the security that the landlord has against a tenant in the event of eviction. Prepaid rent is the landlord's security that the rent is paid, typically in connection with the tenant having terminated the lease. The average total price for a rental property in Aalborg is approx. 36,000 kr.

Rent out your apartment?

If you are going to rent out your apartment in Aalborg, it is extremely important to have a good presentation of your rental. The perfect ad contains a description of the lease as well as some really good pictures that showcase the lease in the best possible way. You can rent out your home for free here.

In addition, it can be a great advantage to add a floor plan of the apartment. In this way, future tenants can better imagine the interior design of their future home.