Apartments for rent in Esbjerg Denmark’s fifth largest city

Far to the west you will find Denmark's fifth largest city, Esbjerg. The city is currently developing into a modern Danish city with a focus on urban renewal, education and business. At the same time, you have the sea right next to and beautiful views of the water and sandy beaches. 

Esbjerg is quietly washing away the fishing stamp as the city grows. It used to be known as a fisherman’s city. You see the change in the way many new educations and professions come to the city. The offshore and energy sectors in particular are something that is pushing growth in Esbjerg.

In 2015, Esbjerg Municipality launched a large-scale project that will, among other things, create more rental housing. In addition, the municipality will transform parts of the old industrial area at the harbor into an attractive area for commercial domiciles, at the same time as Havnetorvet is made attractive to the city's citizens when it comes to outdoor activities and cafĂŠ life.

The billion-dollar project is progressing slowly. The project emphasizes to such an extent that Esbjerg is a place that is moving a lot at the moment. Part of the vision is to create an environment that connects both the city center and the port area more closely. Thus, the nature experiences that the North Sea provides can be further utilized to create the framework for the city's citizens.

Rental house in Esbjerg with national park in the backyard 

With a rental home in Esbjerg, you are guaranteed a city in renewal that is moving forward. At the same time, you also get access to wonderful natural surroundings in your own backyard. Especially with a house or a terraced house for rent in Esbjerg, you will easily get the most out of the Danish nature.

Esbjerg's location means that you have a very short distance to various large nature areas. If you go a little south in the direction of Ribe, you hit the Wadden Sea National Park. If you head north, you will instead hit the MarbĂŚk plantation, which contains 10,000 years of history and nature. The area is popular for both running, cycling and other activities among the inhabitants of the country's fifth largest city.

The short distance to the unique and scenic areas means that Esbjerg as a city provides opportunities for both big city life and nature experiences, which in most cases can be enjoyed within cycling distance.

With a house for rent in Esbjerg, you get a lot for your money

You’ve probably heard that West Judes will not pay too much for things. There is something true about this, when we talk about housing, because you can find many rental homes in Esbjerg at student-friendly prices.

With both dorm rooms, studio apartments and cheap apartments, it is rare that you see a room for rent in Esbjerg. Why?

Because for the price you pay for a room in Copenhagen, you can get a three-room apartment in Esbjerg. It is not impossible to find an apartment for rent in Esbjerg at 50-60 m2 at a price between 3,000 and 4,000 DKK. If, on the other hand, you are thinking more in the direction of a house or terraced house for rent in Esbjerg, then you should expect a somewhat higher price. Especially if it is to be in one of the popular residential areas.

Compared with house prices, it is only in recent years that house prices in Esbjerg have risen above the prices from before the financial crisis in 2008. You can therefore easily find very cheap houses for rent in Esbjerg.

Esbjerg rent apartment 

It is the popular residential areas that are growing in Esbjerg these years. Especially in the northern part of the city, the building sites are getting sold very quickly. New neighborhoods have therefore sprung up in both the districts of Sjelborg, Sønderris and Guldager, which causes the former suburbs to grow together.

The city center has also been modernized, renovated and newly built in recent years. Boligforeningen Fremad built a total of 152 homes in the city center in 2019 alone, of which 103 were student homes with a few hundred meters to Torvet, the city center.

Why should you live in Esbjerg?

One of the typical reasons why people choose to settle in Esbjerg with a house or terraced house for rent is the low prices.

Esbjerg is one of the few cities in Denmark that offers both a big city atmosphere and at the same time you have a short distance to large natural areas. In addition, Esbjerg has a significant advantage compared to the other large and larger cities in Denmark - namely the price of rental housing. You can get a lot in Esbjerg for DKK 5-6,000. You can also do that with DKK 3,500-4,000 if you are a student and want to live both close to your studies and the city centre.

Attractive city center and a large beach

The city center in particular has for many years been the center of a large number of cultural experiences in Esbjerg. With free concerts every summer, a shopping center and the shopping street Skolegade, it's easy to get around to the various things in Esbjerg - both if you have a rental property on the outskirts of the city or a centrally located student residence.

In recent years, more and more temporary beach areas have been built around the harbor to provide a shorter distance to the beach for the citizens who live in the city centre. If you want the real thing, the beach area in Hjerting is not far away. If you move to Esbjerg, you will quickly experience how popular a trip to the beach and ice cream from Cafe Stryhns is in the summer.

Although Hjerting and Strandvejen are known as Esbjerg's wealthy areas, there are still few homes for rent in the area - regardless of whether you are looking for a house, terraced house or an apartment to rent in Esbjerg.

Property for rent in Esbjerg municipality: The historical Ribe

A short 30 km south of the city of Esbjerg, you will find Denmark's oldest city, Ribe. Since the municipal reform in 2007, Ribe has been part of Esbjerg Municipality. Ribe, together with Bramming and TjĂŚreborg, are the larger towns in Esbjerg Municipality, where many choose to settle down while commuting to and from Esbjerg.

If you are looking for a cheap house to rent in Esbjerg Municipality, or just want a cheap rental property in the Esbjerg area, you can save money by moving to Esbjerg Municipality's smaller towns. In most places, there is train and bus transport directly to the railway station in Esbjerg, which is close to the center of Esbjerg.

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How do I find a rental property in Esbjerg?

In Esbjerg municipality, there is a great demand for rental housing. The industry's need for rental housing for employees is putting pressure on the rental housing market. It is therefore extra important to start your housing search as soon as possible.

At BoligZonen you can find a large selection of available homes and new rental homes come online every day. Stay automatically updated on new homes by signing up for our HousingMatcher. We recommend that you use filtering in your search, as it provides a more specific search based on your wishes.

How much does a rental property in Esbjerg cost?

When it comes to rental housing, Esbjerg is the second most expensive municipality in the entire Region of Southern Denmark. The Esbjerg suburb of Hjerting is particularly expensive to live in. The average square meter price for a rental property in Esbjerg is DKK 87 per person per month.

What is the total price for a rental property in Esbjerg?

The total price for a rental property typically includes prepaid rent and a security deposit. The deposit is the security that the landlord has towards a tenant upon eviction. Prepaid rent is the landlord's guarantee that the rent will be paid, typically in connection with the tenant having terminated the tenancy. The average total price for a rental property in Esbjerg is approx. DKK 28,000.

When you have found a rental property in Esbjerg, what should you pay attention to in the rental contract?

When you find a suitable rental property in Esbjerg, you must sign a rental contract. In this context, you must, of course, read the contract thoroughly and see if everything is correct.

As a tenant, you must also pay particular attention to §11 — also called "Special terms".

It is here that the landlord can add certain conditions that are not covered by the Tenancy Act. The Tenancy Act is basically always on your side, but §11 makes it possible for the landlord to tighten up the general provisions of the Tenancy Act.

It will be here, for example, that the landlord states that you, as a tenant, must be responsible for maintaining the home when you move out. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to read your lease thoroughly before signing it.

Renting a home in Esbjerg?

If you are going to rent out your home in Esbjerg, it is extremely important to have a good presentation of your tenancy. The perfect ad contains a description of the rental as well as some really good pictures that present the rental place in the best possible way. In addition, it can be a great advantage to add a floor plan of the building.

In this way, future tenants can better imagine the layout of their future home. Here are the most frequently asked questions from tenants to landlords: Are pets allowed? - Rental period for the home? - Can the home be used as a shared home? - What is the total price incl. deposit and prepaid rent? You can rent out your apartment in Esbjerg for free here.