Many new rental homes in Odense

Odense is a city in growth, and it is gradually becoming more and more open and modern, with a solid city center, green areas and active communities. Odense is a city where students become families with the desire to settle down. But it also results in about 10,000 people moving to Odense every year. Odense has an expanded infrastructure, easily accessible public transport and more than 540 km of network of cycle paths that connect the city.

The city is undergoing great development, but the many areas also each have their own charm, soul and identity, where the citizens themselves help to make their mark on the districts. Rental housing in Odense can be especially recommended for families and students with thoughts of starting a family soon.

If you are looking for Odense apartments for rent, these exciting areas are worth taking a look at:

Odense city center (Odense M and Odense C)

• Odense Castle and Kongens Have welcome residents and guests if you come to the city by train or bus. South of the city center runs Odense stream with cozy paths, playgrounds and green areas.

• Construction is taking place closer and closer in the center of Odense today, because they want to develop the city and create more homes (both owner-occupied and rental housing) for those who want to live in the city - and at the same time ensure a strong city life and more cultural experiences.

• We are currently experiencing great demand for "Frederiksgade Odense", "Ejbyvænget Odense" and "Asylgade Odense". The reason is, among other things, that there are many exciting newly renovated apartments for rent.

The Albanian Quarter

• The neighborhood is known for its city life, courtyards and cozy townhouses and rental apartments. The area has many green areas and is close to the city center. It is also an area with many rental homes, but you have to be quick, they are gone pretty quickly.

• The Albanian district is particularly known for the Albani construction and the Tasso cast iron factory. The area is developing a lot because the new light rail is running through Albanigade.


• Bolbro is known for the large and very ambitious non-profit housing developments, where both large and small rental apartments come together with green areas.

• Bolbro is strong in local communities with many unions and activities for all the area's residents. In addition, a lot of new rental housing will be built in Bolbro - especially on the GASA site, where a completely new district, Gartnerbyen, will be built.


• In this neighborhood you hardly experience that you are not in the city center, because the neighborhood is only five to ten minutes from the city center by bike along the cozy and beautiful Odense stream. You will find that Ansgarkvateret has a number of green areas, where many people run, cycle and walk the dog.

• This district has many exciting buildings and places and you will find, among other things, the Zoo and the Animal Show. The former Odense University Hospital was also located in this district, but it has been moved so that it is closer to the University of Southern Denmark. It has provided space for a lot of new homes and businesses - including both owner-occupied and rental homes.

Rent an apartment in Odense, Denmark – a city full of fairytales

Odense is the third largest city in Denmark with more than 200,000 inhabitants. Odense is located in the heart of Denmark on the island Fyn and is one of Denmark's oldest cities - the city can be traced back to the year 988. The city is known as the world’s fairytale capital, because the city was home to the famous author Hans Christian Andersen.

Throughout the year, a variety of events and activities are held in his name. Odense is also known for being a green city with many parks and more than 250 playgrounds as well as newly renovated homes. But the city also houses many of Denmark's oldest city districts with many old and charming half-timbered houses.

In 1966, Odense became a university town and home to the University of Southern Denmark's main campus with student housing in Odense. With a rental property in Odense, you will be in the middle of a world of renewal. The city is currently undergoing a number of major projects, including a light rail that connects the campus with the city center, a new university hospital and a number of new residential and commercial buildings.

What does it cost to live and rent a home in Odense?

The cost of living in Denmark is generally high, and a family household usually consists of two incomes. Of course, the cost of living will vary depending on the lifestyle and size of the household.

However, Odense is cheaper to live in than both Copenhagen and Aarhus, because the price of rental housing in Odense is typically lower. The average price per square meter for a rental home in Odense is DKK 105 per person per month.

Rental homes - both houses and rooms, but in particular rental apartments are in high demand, so it is wise to actively seek and act quickly if you see something that is interesting and that you like. However, the demand for a rental property in Odense has still not reached the capital's levels.

It is possible to find rental homes that are furnished and semi-furnished, but most rental homes are unfurnished. When renting a home, it is common to pay a deposit of up to three month’s rent and prepayment of one to three month’s rent. This also applies to a rental apartment in Odense.

How do I find an apartment in Odense or student housing in Odense? 

Odense is an attractive university city and therefore there are many newcomers, who are constantly looking for rental housing. It is therefore extra important to start your housing search as soon as possible. At BoligZonen you can find a large selection of available homes and every day new rental homes come online. Stay automatically updated on new homes by signing up for BoligMatcher right here.

How much does a rental property in Odense cost?

There are large differences in the price per square meter in the different areas of Odense. The most expensive and most attractive areas to find rental housing are Odense C, Odense M and Dalum. The average price per square meter for a rental home in Odense is DKK 105 per person per month.

What is the total price for a rental property in Odense?

The total price for a rental property typically includes prepaid rent as well as a deposit. Deposit is the security that the landlord has against a tenant when moving out. Prepaid rent is the landlord's security that the rent is paid, typically in connection with the tenant having terminated the lease. The average total price for a rental property in Odense is approx. 36,000 kr.

Remember to read the contract carefully

When you find a relevant rental apartment in Odense, you must sign a rental contract. In that context, you should of course read through the contract and see if it all fits.

But in addition, as a tenant, you must also pay special attention to §11 - which is also called "Special conditions".

This is because the landlord can add certain conditions that are not covered by the Tenancy Act. The Rent Act is basically always on your side, but §11 makes it possible for the landlord to tighten up the general provisions of the Rent Act. You can read much more about the law of tenancy in the universes of our knowledge right here

It will, for example, be here that the landlord states that you as a tenant must be responsible for the maintenance of the home when moving out. Therefore, you are strongly advised to read your lease carefully before signing it.

Rent out your apartment in Odense

If you are going to rent out your apartment in Odense, it is extremely important to have a good presentation of your rental. The perfect ad contains a description of the lease as well as some really good pictures that showcase the lease in the best possible way. In addition, it can be a great advantage to add a floor plan of the property.

In this way, future tenants can better imagine the design of their future home. Here are the most frequently asked questions from tenant to landlord: 

Are pets allowed?

Rental period for the home? 

Can the home be used as a shared home? 

What is the total price incl. deposit and prepaid rent? 

You can rent out your apartment in Odense for free here

Student housing in Odense

Odense is a perfect student city, where you have the opportunity to find a studio at good prices. Here you can find studio flats for as little as DKK 2,500 a month - you can also choose to live in the middle of Odense City Center.

So you can find a good student house in Odense, where you do not have to have a full-time job next to your studies to pay for all the expenses. Odense student housing is cheaper than in Copenhagen and Aarhus. It also pays to find a studio apartment in Odense V, where you can get more space. There is approximately 45 minutes by public transport from Odense V to the University of Southern Denmark. In general, Odense has good opportunities for fast public transport, which means that you can easily settle outside the center and have your daily life in Odense C.

Is this the first time you are going to find an apartment on your own? There are a lot of things to prepare you for. At our website you can read several guides that might help you. If it is difficult to find a studio apartment, you might find an apartment to rent and share it with a roomie. Find a roomie in Odense on our website. 

Odense: rent an apartment

Are you dreaming about finding an apartment in Odense? Maybe you just moved to the city or maybe you are just looking for an apartment other than the one you have now? BoligZonen has many different offers for an apartment for rent in Odense, all of which are in advantageous price ranges.

In Odense center you can find two-room apartments for just below 6,000 DKK a month, and if you are looking for a place to live further from the center, you can find a three-room apartment for just below 4,000 DKK a month. It is therefore relatively cheap to find an apartment in Odense C.

If you choose to rent an apartment in Odense, you do not have to spend a lot of money on rent. This means that, for example, there is room in the economy for a car, so you do not have to take public transport. However, public transport is quick and easy in Odense, and you can get around most of Odense in 45 minutes to an hour.

Terraced house for rent Odense

Is your biggest dream home a terraced house with lots of space and a small garden? Fortunately, there are many terraced houses for rent in Odense!

In a terraced house you have more space indoors and a lovely garden outdoors, which is perfect if you have small children. In terraced houses, you live close to your neighbors, and your children certainly have the opportunity to find new playmates on the road. 

A terraced house in Odense is for you who seek away from the bustle of the city, but love to be social with your neighbors - it can hardly be avoided in a terraced house.

A terraced house for rent in Odense is between 8,000 to 10,000 DKK a month, and it is possible to find three-, four- and five-room terraced houses.

House for rent in Odense

Do you need fresh air and peace in natural and beautiful surroundings? Then find a house for rent in Odense! When renting a house, do not worry about committing to a house or taking out an expensive loan to pay for the entire house. Instead, you rent a house and get all the beautiful things that come with it: large spaces, tranquility, lots of space and beautiful surroundings.

Whether you want to live alone or with a partner or children, you can find a house for rent in Odense that suits you and your needs perfectly.

When you rent a house in Odense, you have to pay somewhere between 8,000 to 10,000 DKK every month, and there is plenty of opportunity to find a house for rent in Odense C, V, S, N and Ø. No matter where you settle, it is wonderfully easy to get from A to B in both car or by public transportation.

Room for rent in Odense

Are you moving to Odense for the first time and are you looking for company and new friends? Then we can advise you to find a room for rent in Odense. Many young people in bigger cities, rent or buy a larger apartment, where they then have space to rent a room out - maybe for you?

Renting a room in Odense gives you a good opportunity to live cheaply, but at the same time live in a large apartment with a kitchen available that is larger than a kitchenette. In other words, you actually get a little more for your money by renting a room in Odense instead of finding an apartment that you have to pay for alone.

If you find a room for rent in Odense, it is also a good opportunity to find new friends, but without living in a dormitory. This means that you have the opportunity to retire and have peace around you when you need to study, but at the same time you have good friends right on the other side of your door.

You can find a room for rent in Odense in the price range between 1,700 to 3,500 DKK.

Find a rental property in Odense

It can always be a little tricky to find a new place to live whether you are looking for a room, a house to rent, a studio or something completely different. That is why we have chosen to make it easy for you here at BoligZonen.

We have a search function where you can easily sort in our selection of rental homes in Odense. Here you can choose the maximum rent, how many rooms there should be, where the rental home should be located and more.

If you want to rent out your home, you also have the option of this here at BoligZonen. You just need to create a rental ad and then you are well on your way.

We wish you all the best of luck on your home hunt, and hope you find the dream home!