Housing Aarhus

Recently, searches for 4 and 3 bedroom apartment in Aarhus have been of interest. However, strongly followed by vacant rooms in Aarhus. It testifies to a city that accommodates both families and student life. It suggests that many of the searches are specifically for vacant rental apartments in Aarhus C.

Aarhus offers many exciting areas to move to. In the following you can get some inspiration for where your upcoming rental apartment could be located:

Midtbyen, Aarhus C

The area covers the postal district, which is daily called Aarhus C. Here you can clearly see that the city has embraced the cafe culture. Especially in the area around Aarhus stream you will find a sea of cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and wine shops.


In the western part of Aarhus Midtby you will find the newly built Ceresbyen, which is also known as Vesterbro. Since 2008 and until 2018, massive investments have been made in new housing projects in this part of Aarhus Midtby.

Rental homes in this part of Aarhus are therefore brand new and very attractive. Many rental homes for students have also been built in this part of Aarhus, in order to support the lively student and youth environment that thrives here.

The Latin Quarter

The oldest preserved part of Aarhus is the Latin Quarter, which draws threads all the way back to the 15th Century. Today, the neighborhood is characterized by being a main artery for the artistic souls.

The streets are cobbled and very charming. There is a short distance to fashionable clothing stores, delicious cafes and restaurants. If you are looking for a rental property close to art, life and culture, the Latin Quarter is definitely an area you should keep an eye on.

Aarhus Ø

The district is largely characterized by new construction and architecture, and although the area is still under construction, it is already an attractive place to live. The whole area looks like a charming canal town, and with the south-facing staircase in front of Navitas you are only a few minutes’ walk away from the cafés in the city center and from dipping your toes in the water's edge. This means that especially searches for rental apartments in Aarhus Ø are in high demand.

Aarhus Nord

The area covers Christiansbjerg, Trøjborg and Skejby. For students in particular, the area around Trøjborg is interesting because it is very close to the university. Today it is a fashionable place with many studio apartments. If you are looking for rooms or rental apartments, Aarhus N is a good offer.


Trøjborg is a very popular district in Aarhus - and is by the locals called "Aarhus' San Francisco". The district is also close to Riis Skov, so there is easy access to nature. That way you get both a very lively city life mixed with quiet nature areas.

Trøjborg is a city within the city, as it is geographically separated from the rest of the city center. The composition of the residents is well mixed with students and families. You can find rental housing and apartments for rent in Trøjborg on this page.

Vejlby Risskov

An alternative to Aarhus itself could be the northeastern districts. The Vejlby Risskov area is generally characterized by residential buildings and their proximity to the beaches of Aarhus Bay. Here are a number of schools, two colleges, several churches and a few larger shopping malls. Risskov is surrounded by city on almost all sides, while Vejlby, Egå and Skæring border on rural areas. The area offers many nice rental homes, and if you are looking for a terraced house in Aarhus, here is a good offer.

Aarhus housing or Århus housing?

Aarhus is Denmark's second largest city with a population of 277,000 (2019). The Central Jutland region, of which Aarhus is a part of, has 1.3 million inhabitants. In 2011, Aarhus Municipality decided to replace Århus with Aarhus. So you went away from using "å" and used double-a instead. According to Danish spelling, however, it is still allowed to use both. As a foreigner this is an advantage for you, since you might not be able to spell “å” on your keyboard or phone. 

A search on Google also shows that Aarhus is to a large extent the most used spelling. This may also be related to the many names of Aarhus on foreign sites - including in connection with Aarhus ’role as European Capital of Culture in 2017.

Rental housing in Aarhus – Live in Europe’s capital of culture

Aarhus is constantly evolving, and new buildings are springing up to create more rental housing for the many new and current Aarhusians. A large part of the new rental housing in Aarhus is focused on areas such as Aarhus Ø, which is experiencing great growth in recent years. When construction is complete, it is expected that there will be room for an additional 12,000 inhabitants.

However, this is not sufficient in the long run, as mentioned, there is an increasing need for rental apartments and rental housing in Aarhus. Politically, however, the city focuses on the issue of housing. 

Also culturally, Aarhus has distinguished itself in several areas and was, together with the rest of the Central Jutland Region, European Capital of Culture in 2017. The festive events attracted great attention from both home and abroad. Furthermore, Aarhus also offers many cultural experiences and is known for the Moesgaard Museum, the Viking Museum and the Old Town.

With a rental home in Aarhus, you are thus guaranteed direct access to some of the country's largest cultural institutions and events. Aarhus is, among other things, characterized by its many venues and theaters, which include:


  • Atlas & Vox Hall
  • Train
  • Radar
  • Fatter Eskil
  • TAPE


  • Musikhuset
  • Svalegangen theatre
  • Aarhus Theatre
  • Gruppe 38 theatre

Aarhus: A modern city that walks in the footprints of the Vikings

With a rental home in Aarhus, you will live in one of the Nordic region's oldest cities, which is particularly known for its Viking history. Excavations show that Aarhus dates back to 770, and that at this time it played an important role in the fact that the city is surrounded by both sea and river.

Aarhus still has many neighborhoods that show the city's history. One can visit the Latin Quarter in the northernmost part of Aarhus, which consists of the streets Badstuegade, Klostergade, Volden, Studsgade, Borggade, Rosengade and Graven.

Today, the city is rich in its student life and it is for the same reason that the average age of Aarhusians is declining. The fact that Aarhus attracts many students also means that rental housing in Aarhus is in demand. Young people looking for housing flock to Aarhus every year and try hard to find studio, shared or rented apartments. Due to the many home seekers, it can be difficult to find a rental home in Aarhus.

It is especially the University of Aarhus that attracts young students to the city. The University of Aarhus was built in 1946. A few years before, in 1941, the city of Aarhus could mark that there were now 100,000 inhabitants.

A number that has risen steadily since then and according to several demographic projections will increase even faster over the next many years. Projections show that by 2040 there will be almost 450,000 Aarhusians.

For the same reason, you will see new rental housing sprouting up in several of Aarhus' districts, so that space can be made for the many housing-seeking Aarhusians.

How do I find housing in Aarhus?

The city of Aarhus is currently experiencing great and increasing demand for rental housing. In particular, it is the smaller and cheap rental housing that is in demand in connection with the students that make up a large proportion of housing applicants in Aarhus.

At BoligZonen you can find a large selection of available homes, and every day new rental homes come online. Stay automatically updated on new homes by signing up here:

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Alternatively, you can use the search function on our website. We recommend that you use filtering in your search, as it provides a more concrete view based on your wishes.

What does a rental home in Aarhus cost?

A rental home in Aarhus can be a costly affair. The average price per square meter for a rental home in Aarhus is DKK 110 per person. The most expensive areas to live in rental housing in Aarhus are Aarhus C, Risskov, Højbjerg and Aarhus N. The cheapest areas are Egå, Aarhus V, Åbyhøj / Viby J and Brabrand.

What is the total price for Aarhus housing?

The total price for a rental property typically includes prepaid rent as well as a deposit. Deposit is the security that the landlord has against a tenant in the event of eviction. Prepaid rent is the landlord's guarantee that the rent will be paid, typically in connection with the tenant having terminated the lease. The average total price for a rental property in Aarhus is approx. 53,000 kr.

What should you be aware of in the lease?

When you have finally found your desired home in Aarhus, you must sign a rental contract. Of course, you have to read the contract through and make up your mind if it all fits as it should.

But in addition, as a tenant, you must also pay special attention to §11 - which is also referred to as "Special conditions".

This is because the landlord can add certain conditions that are not covered by the Rent Act. The Rent Act is basically always on your side, but §11 makes it possible for the landlord to tighten up the general provisions of the Rent Act.

It will, for example, be here that the landlord states that you as a tenant must be responsible for the maintenance of the home when moving out. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you read your lease carefully before signing it.

Renting an apartment in Aarhus?

If you are going to rent out your apartment in Aarhus, it is extremely important to have a good presentation of your rental. The perfect ad contains a description of the lease as well as some really good pictures that showcase the lease in the best possible way.

In addition, it can be a great advantage to add a floor plan of the rental place. In this way, future tenants can better imagine the interior design of their future home.

Here are the most frequently asked questions from tenant to landlord:

• Are pets allowed?

• Rental period for the home?

• Can the home be used as a shared home?