Apartment Copenhagen. Big demand for rental housing in the capital

Copenhagen is one of Denmark's undisputed most sought after cities. Especially for the students, a residence especially in Inner City is sought after. The large influx of new migrants, as well as the long wait for dorm rooms, make cheap apartments and rooms in extra high demand. The most sought after and exclusive apartments are often sold within days, sometimes hours. So if you are looking for an apartment in Copenhagen, you need to stay awake.

New apartments in Copenhagen

The large relocation can also be seen in the many extensions of the city limits in recent years. Areas such as the Carlsberg City, the large newly built apartments at Amager, and the many new homes along the waterfront. Sydhavnen is currently one of the most active building areas, with initiatives such as Sluseholmen, Teglholmen and Enghave Brygge. In the same way, Nordhavn houses some of the most ambitious new buildings, including some of Denmark's most expensive condominiums. If you look at Islands Brygge and Ørstaden, what you see today is completely unrecognizable from what lay just 15 years ago. All these are just examples of the many initiatives and projects that will secure new rental housing in Copenhagen.

Here on the site we have gathered a wide range of available rental housing in Copenhagen. It gives you an overall overview, and the ability to respond quickly when exactly the accommodation that suits you appears.

Facts - Rental Copenhagen

(numbers from 2018, Dansk Statistik)

  • Copenhagen, with its slightly over 600,000 inhabitants, is larger than Denmark's 4 second largest cities combined.
  • In total, Copenhagen Municipality has 1.3 million, which corresponds to approx. 1/5 of the population of Denmark
  • There are 146,000 rental homes in Copenhagen.
  • The capital region is the only region where the number of tenants exceeds owners (55% rents, compared to 37% in the rest of the country)
  • The average price for a 2 bedroom apartment in Copenhagen is DKK 11,000
  • A 5 bedroom apartment Copenhagen starts on average from 15.500, -
  • A Copenhagener has an average of 54 m2 of surface area for residential purposes, while a Bornholmer has 808 m2 for comparison.